A new kind of branding & website experience steeped in complete strategy & bliss. Introducing our new expedited and bougie design affair that will help you start moving the needle in your business today.

Top-shelf design to uplevel your brand in just one day.

Introducing: VIP DAYS

"I participated in their VIP Day program and it was SO awesome!"

"Meghan worked on a complete website build /redesign. Working with Meghan was my first experience working with a professional web designer and honestly, she was INCREDIBLE. She was so helpful, responsive and she completely NAILED my design. She took my jumbled words and made it into something that embodies my brand and I just can’t wait to show it to everyone. She is so knowledgeable on all of the things and I honestly can’t recommend her and the Mug Creative enough. I would 110% use her again for any web design needs. I participated in their VIP Day program and it was SO awesome! I don’t have a lot of patience so being able to launch my new site at the end of the day was so much fun."


"The VIP experience is brilliant."

"Working with The Mug Creative on my website, took what could have been a stressful experience and made it fun and interactive! The VIP experience is brilliant. They really listened to what I was looking for and had everything ready to go, so that my VIP Day ran smoothly. They shared the content in real time for feedback and the best part, by the end of the day, I had a gorgeous new website! I've gotten great feedback from everyone that visits my site now."


We did the VIP experience and she created our site in one day.

"Nicole was absolutely incredible. She knew exactly the style we wanted and knocked it out if the park."

Danielle Osbrach, the rock tampa


A Quick Pick-Me-Up Never Looked This Good


Booking a start date and waiting days or weeks to start the design process with your designer. 

Communicating with your designer and waiting for weeks or even months before your brand or website is launched.

Paying higher price tags for more work than you need at this stage of your business. 

Book your VIP Design Day or VIP Experience and start your project with us in just a few days. 

Have everything you need by the end of your VIP Design Day or Experience. 

A high-end result for a fraction of the cost of traditional custom copywriting & design methods. 

An espresso shot For Your Business & Marketing Strategy

what can we get done in one DESIGN day, you ask? Your deliverables may include:

Mini Brand Suite (Primary, Secondary, Submark logos, color palette, brand fonts)

Website Design and Development on the Showit platform

Brand Collateral (business cards, lead magnets, social media post templates, etc.)

VIP Copywriting Day

Brand Questionnaire

Design Kickoff Call

VIP Design Day

Deep Dive Messaging Call

Looks like:


VIP Design Day

Design Kickoff Call

Copywriting Guide

Brand Questionnaire

Looks Like:

VIP Design Day

VIP Design Day vs. VIP Experience


VIP Experience

Go ahead, add a shot of copy and let’s make it a

We’re serving strong, strategic, stand-out copy to get your website and offers up and running in one day. 

That’s right. Your exclusive VIP Experience will deliver everything your brand needs to show up fresh, bold, and fast. 

The VIP Experience will include one day for your message and one day for your design. It’s the next best thing to yesterday.

Hero banner messaging to ensure your audience gets to know you in mere seconds.

Your copywriting will include all the right crafted words to help your brand be seen and heard for your:

Headlines and sublines across all your pages that keep your audience’s eyes locked on your site and their interest engaged.

Body paragraphs and process messaging rich with story elements and brand personality.

Calls to action that create contacts and conversion.

The VIP experience doesn’t stop at your day.

A week after creating your messaging magic, you’ll also receive a brand messaging guide and a handover video message to show you how to make the most of your shiny new messaging.

Give us one day to write your website. 
Get thoughtful copy that will sell you every single day. 

An onboarding questionnaire that will guide your website messaging goals and help us understand your audience and business. 

A 60-90 minute strategy session before your VIP Day (usually a week out from your scheduled day). During this call, we’ll clarify any items from your questionnaire and dive deeper into your brand, core values, mission, and other key parts of your messaging.

8 hours of a copywriter dedicated solely to you. There will be no other clients or calls on your day — You are our VIP and priority. Apart from a mid-day iced mocha break, you’ll have full access to your copywriter to review your pages as they fly off the press.

What's included with your vip copywriting day:

Do you need to launch your new website sooner rather than later? 

Does the idea of spending hours writing your website feel intimidating or stressful (we know you’ve got way better ways to spend your time!)?

Do you want to start making sales faster?

Would you like the relief of knowing your copy is not only done but done right? 

VIP Copywriting Days for Entreprenuers Who Value Quality & Time


Fill out our application form below & get a response in 1 business day to see if a VIP Design day will work for you. 




You'll have a design kickoff web conference call prior to your VIP Design Day with your designer to dive deep into the heartbeat of your business and determine a list of priorities for your VIP Design Day. Your designer will make sure we have everything we need to deliver high-converting designs for your brand on our VIP Design Day. 

Once your booked, we'll have a couple questionnaires for you to complete based on our goals for the project. You'll schedule your VIP Day(s) and kickoff call(s).

How the process works

Interested in hiring us?

If you are hiring us for the full VIP Experience, you'll have a deep dive call with your copywriter prior to your VIP Copywriting Day. Then on your scheduled day, your copywriter will spend the entire day whipping up the perfect messaging for your brand & website.


At the end of our VIP Design Day, we'll migrate your website to your Showit account and deliver all branding materials, training tutorials, and site information in an organized handover email. & voila! You're ready for the public!


Only $2,800

Yes, you read that right. Quicker turnaround, faster results, streamlined experience and less money. 

What's the Investment?


Only $3,950


If you're ready to fast-track to success, fill out our VIP Design Day application below so we can make sure this service is a good fit for your needs. We'll get back to you within 1 business day to schedule a quick call to determine your goals and answer your questions before booking your VIP day.

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