It’s Time For a Rebrand If….

May 11, 2022

Now, now – we know you’re eager to find out if it’s time for you to refresh your business’ brand. 

But before we jump right into the topic at hand, it’s important to us that we explain a bit about the impact branding can have on your business.

Things like payroll, account management, sales, and other pressing business elements are all crucial to the overall function of your business. These things cannot be overlooked; we would like to argue the same for branding. Most business owners see branding as the icing on the cake, so to speak. 

This is really not the case. Branding can and does have a huge impact on the overall success of your business from sales to business-to-business relationships. 

8 Signs It’s Time To Rebrand Your Business

1. Your business model, offering, or strategy has changed. 

It’s normal for a business to evolve over the years. You may add new offerings or slowly phase out others. Perhaps ownership has changed. If your business has made significant changes and your brand no longer reflects the business you have today, it’s time for a rebrand!

2. Your branding doesn’t properly reflect your UNIQUE business. 

When it comes to competition in business, have you heard the phrase “nobody does it like you do”? 

Think about it, there may be many companies that offer the same services or products that you do, but nobody does it like you! Your brand should reflect this!

As award-winning branding veteran and author David Brier says, “branding is the art of differentiation.” You don’t want to have the same old boring branding as everyone else (or lack thereof) – your brand should represent how different you are from your competitors.

3. You’re not resonating with your ideal customer.

Maybe your business is doing just fine, but the type of clients you’re bringing in isn’t really your ideal client/customer. Or maybe your target audience has evolved over the course of business.

If you want to foster new brand loyalty, you’ll need to consider whether your brand and message is relevant to their needs. Rebranding gives you the opportunity to capture the attention of a new audience. 

4. Your mission and/or message are lost.

You could have a very strong mission and vision for your business/brand but perhaps you’re having trouble articulating that through your brand. This is a fairly common issue! 

It’s one thing to have great ideas, execution is tricky when it comes to branding. This can happen when there are too many opinions at hand or if your business has been around for a while and has gone through many evolutions as far as branding goes. 

5. You are struggling to raise your prices.

I’m sorry if what we are about to tell you is a bit hard to digest. But, if you don’t look like a high-quality business, you will have a hard time getting people to pay high-quality prices. It all really boils down to customer perception and what they value your product or services at.

Rebranding gives you the opportunity to redefine the value that your brand brings to those you serve. 

6. Opportunities are being missed.

Has there been a change in demand or market needs? Are you missing opportunities with existing or future customers due to the current brand and how it is being perceived?  

7. You have “brand baggage.” 

Ahh, brand baggage. This one is for those brands that have some aspects of reputation, history, or other factors that are negatively impacting the way your brand is perceived by consumers. If you need to disassociate your brand from a negative image, it may be a good time to initiate a rebrand.
These days, negative connotations can spread like wildfire, thanks to social media. Business faux pas and political debacles can quickly turn a once innocent business into a bona fide bone of contention. 

8. Your brand is inconsistent. (What brand??)

If your business doesn’t really have a brand or your branding is inconsistent across different platforms/areas of business, it is probably time to focus on getting clear. Who is your ideal customer? What does your business have to offer and what is your mission? 

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to creating or refining your brand. We definitely recommend working with a branding professional. 

If you’re thinking about a rebrand and looking for a branding team to make your dreams a reality, you can rest assured that you’re making the right decision. Time and time again, research has shown that strategically rebranding significantly increases a business’ ROI.

This is an investment that is likely to pay off for years to come. If you’re ready to start the conversation with our brand designers, hop on over to our contact page and fill out our Discovery Form!


By: The Mug Creative

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