Top 10 Free Simple Google Fonts to Land More Website Conversions

May 26, 2022

Now let’s get real here, how many blogs are there online that rave about modern Google fonts like Roboto, Montserrat, or Lato? (I’ll give you a hint: It’s too many!!!)

Don’t get me wrong, of course, we love these fonts! They’re simple, classic, and perfect for a modern brand. But why don’t we think a little bit outside the box? There are many free fonts on Google that are simple, easy to read, and great for a modern aesthetic. 

Aesthetics should not be the only deciding factor on a new font choice. Fonts have a big impact on website conversion and bounce rates, so choosing ones that are flashy and uber unique may not always be the smart choice.

That being said, it pays to dedicate a little time to pick the perfect simple Google Fonts family for your website. Here are some of our favorite simple Google Fonts that are not so “been there, seen that!” 

Bebas Neue

Starting off strong with this bold font, Bebas Neue is a perfect font for that strong brand!

The capitalized lettering and sharp edges give a confident feel. This font is perfect for headings, titles, and even a logo – depending on the brand. Pair this font with something a bit thinner like Raleway or Quicksand and you’re made in the shade!

Bebas Neue might not be the most unique, but it is definitely a staple for a lot of bold brands which is why it had to make it on this list. 


Clean and classic, the Assistant font is simple and versatile. We love this font as an alternative option to the more common Google fonts like Lato or Open Sans. 

This would be the perfect font for body text because of how easy it is to read. It would blend perfectly with a wide variety of font styles; script, serif, or bold! I could even see this working well with Bebas Neue.


Now, now, before you say “Been there, done that” – Jost is one of the more popular selections on this list. 

We decided to include this font because the letters feel tall and elongated with super sharp points where applicable. It is less bold than something like Bebas Neue, but it is a strong and confident font all the same. 

Since this is a more popular font, it might not work as well in a logo, but it’s still a great option to add character to text-heavy content like body text on your website or print marketing material.


Another simple font that would work great as a body font. Tajawal stands out as a sans serif font because it just has a freshness to it. It hasn’t been overdone but it still has a familiarity to it that screams modern!

This font would work great as a secondary font. The simplicity gives this font endless opportunities.   

DM Serif Display

Now, who says modern brands have to use sans serif fonts?! Rules are made to be broken! (Just kidding, there is actually no rule about this.)

This is another bold option, DM Serif Display. It’s a striking font that would work great for logos, headings, or titles! Nothing like a chunky serif font to give a nod to femininity. 

Pair this easy-to-read heading font with something thin, like Tajawal or even an elegant script font, and you’re on your way to a super awesome and cool modern brand!


Where are all our The Originals fans at?! (Yes, we are shamelessly referring to the Vampire Diaries spin-off.)

Doesn’t this font just look like a cold drink on a hot summer day? No..? Must be a designer thing. 

Marcellus is a simple, crisp font that is that perfect blend of serif and sans serif. There’s just the slightest hint of an ode to Times New Roman, but it feels so modern at the same time!

How can you get more versatile than that?! Use this font wherever, logo, headings, or body copy!


Another excellent serif font, Vidaloka is slightly elongated, similar to the ever-popular, Playfair Display. While we most often think of serif fonts to be classical and timeless, this has a playfulness to it that would work beautifully for a modern brand.

The Vidaloka typeface was made for headlines and short blocks of text, featuring curlified drops and sloped terminals. 

Tenor Sans

If you’re not so into the serif-sans serif blend of Marcellus, Tenor Sans might be the font for you. 

Again, this font emulates that crisp and clean vibe of Marcellus but it is strictly a sans serif font.

Parallel with many of the fonts in this list, Tenor Sands has excellent legibility. This font was intended for the setting of body text but can also be applied to headlines. 

Bodoni Moda

Similar to the other serif fonts listed above, Bodoni Moda does have the timeless look. Unlike the others, this font has a nice balance of bold versus thin. This don was designed for the digital age and is extremely versatile, including a wide range of weights, italics, sizes, and features.

Bodoni Moda may not be as simple as some of the other examples, but the detailing is classically tasteful. Perfect as a stand-alone font or for use as headings or titles. 

Red Hat Display

To wrap it up, Red Hat Display contains very rounded shapes within simple and clean letters. This font is easy on the eyes and would make great body text. 

It is quite solid on its own but could be paired with something bolder to take it to the next level. This is another great alternative to more commonly used body fonts. 

In Summary

Google Fonts makes choosing fonts for your website easier than ever. They are a fantastic resource for free fonts and are used by millions across the globe.

Now, we’re curious. What are some of your favorite fonts and font pairs from Google? Drop them in the comments below and stay tuned to our blog to see if your favorites are shared in our next font lineup!

Top 10 Free Simple Google Fonts to Land More Website Conversions by the mug creative

By: The Mug Creative

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