Why Is Website Messaging Important

April 28, 2021

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So often, we, in the web design and marketing space, can get really caught up in the SEO chatter. 

We wholeheartedly believe in the power of SEO and use its tactics on a daily basis! However, there is something to be said for the less technical concepts as well. Let’s take a look at your website from a client’s point of view!

Connection: A Peek Into Working With You!

If your visitors come to your website and there is no mention of you, your team, or your company story, it can give off a cold vibe. Humans connect with other human beings and their stories. Studies have shown that our brains love a good story. Stories motivate us to act and build trust and connection through shared experiences. 

A website with little to no copy whatsoever will quite possibly drive potential customers away rather than draw them in. Your copy should be honest and reflect the values of you and your business. Even if a visitor doesn’t find a connection with your message, you’ll know that, in the end, it just wasn’t the right fit. 

Educate: Show Expertise and Provide Value

Your website is the perfect place to showcase your industry knowledge and demonstrate the value you can bring to your clients! You work in your business every day, you are the expert! It is likely that you may overestimate what the average person might know about your area of expertise.

Take the time to explain to potential leads what it’s like to work with you, what is your process and what can they expect from working with you. Take the guesswork off of their plate. A clear and concise understanding versus the unknown can make the world of difference, not only for retaining and converting leads, but also with the continued effort to build trust and connection.

Personality: Set Yourself Apart From the Crowd

The most important factor to successful messaging is personalization. SEO crowded copy is pretty much the furthest thing from messaging that builds connection and shows your personality. It can be difficult to know whether to trust a new company online. Reviews and testimonials are helpful, but don’t you think if they just knew you they’d definitely want to work with you! 

You might be right and the best way to show your personality is through the messaging on your website. This works especially well with small businesses and individual entrepreneurs! Be you and tell your story. There are no rules, despite what SEO professionals might say. (PS. You can have both personalization AND Search Engine Optimization!) 

Most importantly, the key is to have solid website messaging across the board. Afterall, what is the purpose of a bland, blank website? Through SEO metrics, we know that this drives traffic away from your website. 

With SEO and personalized website messaging, your website is sure to stand out!

Let us know if you have any questions about website messaging. We’d be happy to help!

Why Is Website Messaging Important By The Mug Creative Agency

By: The Mug Creative

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