Hey Google… What is Off-Page SEO?

November 3, 2020

When you think of search engine optimization, what are the first things to come to your mind? Probably, keywords, speedy load times, quality code, and more. All of these are true, however, they are all factors that play into On-Page SEO, as in the optimization that can be implemented through your website. 

While these maybe some of the most popular or well-known aspects of SEO, there is a crucial aspect of Off-Page SEO that is not to be overlooked or forgotten. 

As you may be able to guess, Off-Page SEO is affected by factors that are not on your website, so what does factor into Off-Page SEO?

Major Factors of Off-Page SEO

While one major difference between on-page and off-page SEO is that one occurs within your website and the other is not, off-page SEO does have more of a theme of trusted recognition. 

What we mean by this is that, on-page SEO can be easily controlled by backend tactics, whereas off-page is a little more difficult. 

With Off-Page SEO, factors such as backlinks, social media marketing, and other online mentions make the world of difference. 

Good Press and Off-Page SEO

You can think of off-page SEO as being heavily controlled by the opinion and desire to share said opinion with others. 

When your website is linked to by other, maybe more highly trafficked sites, this boosts the ranking of your website! (This is where killer content marketing can help!)

If past clients or customers are sharing their experience with you and tagging you on social media or heavily interacting with your posts, this also helps boost your ranking! 

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How is Off-Page SEO Achieved?

Since Off-Page SEO is so drastically impacted by the mentions of others, how can it be carefully crafted and continually improved?

Essentially, the best you can do is to ensure that your website and associated content is easy to operate and interact with. Quality is a huge player when it comes to backlinks and social media interaction. Unfortunately, you can’t buy your way to having amazing off-page SEO. 

The algorithms are created in such a way that it is nearly impossible to cheat the system. They want to make sure that they’re giving users reputable and trustworthy recommendations. In turn, you’ll want your site to be linked from reputable and trustworthy sources as well. 

Off-Page SEO or On-Page SEO??

So, if it’s difficult to cultivate, is it even worth the effort? Should I just focus on On-Page SEO? 

We believe that SEO in general is a tough egg to crack using only one or two tactics. 

Search engine optimization is a much more complex goal than it can appear to be. We urge you to take a more holistic approach as you make the journey towards a higher ranking. To achieve optimal results, you’ll need to work towards both on and off-page SEO. 

This can all be a confusing process! If you feel you still need some help to reach your goals or if you have additional questions, please reach out to us! Let us know how we can help!


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