2022 Holiday Gift Guide For Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

November 14, 2022

Another year has come and almost gone and you’re sitting here trying to figure out what the heck to get the people you love most for Christmas this year. 

While I may not know your loved ones personally, I do know a thing or two about small business owners and entrepreneurs, being one myself and working with them everyday. 

So today we are going to focus on them!

Below is a list of 10 gift ideas to get your business owner friends this holiday season. 

Let’s dive in!

Personalized or Just Downright Nice Stationary Gifts

I didn’t appreciate nice stationary before I sat at a desk all day on my computer. Actually, that’s a lie. I’ve always had an appreciation for beautiful or unique stationery gifts. Stationary is one of those things that people tend not to buy for themselves because it’s so much easier to not bother altogether and chicken scratch your meeting notes on the same torn paper you’ve been using for 2 weeks.

But imagine what a nice 2023 spiral-bound planner color coded with fine-tip gel pens can do for a busy person’s organization. The possibilities are endless.

You’ll change their life forever with that on-brand note card set with matching paper clips for their desk. A personalized notebook and matching pen will change the way their clients see them in Zoom meetings forever.

All jokes aside, the gift of beautiful stationery is the gift of organization. 

Some other great stationary holiday gift ideas include: On-brand thank you cards (& envelopes), address books, wall calendars, and journals.

Price Expectation: $20 – $50

Business Books

Number 2 on the list is for my readers! There’s literally nothing better than the gift of knowledge. I absolutely LOVE a good educational book on bettering my business! 

We’re pretty simple beings when you break us down. All we want is our businesses to grow, flourish, and make us money. (And bring us happiness and fulfillment of course!) But oftentimes we are so caught up in our daily activities that we don’t make the time to focus on OUR business and bettering our own skill sets as business people and leaders.

Books on sales, marketing, storytelling, messaging, branding, or the like are wonderful gifts for your entrepreneur and small business friends. 

Don’t forget to remind them that just 15 minutes in the morning spent reading or doing something for themselves can change the way their entire day plays out. If you want to spice up this gift even more, throw in a coffee mug and your favorite bag of coffee beans to give them an experience

Price Expectation: $20 – $40

Candles or Essential Oils

This isn’t a health blog, so please don’t come at me about chemicals. People love fragrance. The truth is, we are all sensory individuals after all and most of us enjoy the good little things in life. There is still help for some of you. 😉 

You don’t need to overthink this one. Get some nice aesthetic desk candles or an oil diffuser from Amazon and voila! You have a great gift.

Price Expectation: $30+ 

Canvas Lamp With Wooden Base

Image By Shop Canvas

Ok ok… the Canvas Lamp making this list is truthfully a not-so-silent plea to my boyfriend to buy me this for Christmas. I’ve never been known to be a subtle person.

But I know what you’re thinking… “Nicole, a desk lamp for $172?! Hard pass…” But this is no ordinary lamp. This lamp allows your business-owning loved ones to CREATE CONTENT by doubling as a phone stand.

As a business owner myself who would love to record more educational and behind-the-scenes social media content but hates the hassle, this lamp actually makes shooting new content look fun. As Canvas advocates, you can now ditch the janky tripod, oversized lights and clunky equipment. If you’re still unsure if this is worth the money, check out their video tutorials.

If you’re still not convinced- you’ve probably never tried to video record with a gooseneck light. It’s honestly a frustrating experience that I hope you spare your loved ones from enduring. Just trust me on this. 

Not to mention, this lamp is super sleek and would make an aesthetically pleasing addition for any modern office.

Dear Santa, please get me the Black Canvas Lamp With Wooden Base. Amen.

Price Expectation: $172

Self Care Gift Box

Self care gift box
Image By NorMorGifts On Etsy

That brings me to our next contender on the Christmas shopping list…a self care gift box! Self care is SO important and something that our driven friends who often wear 15 hats and work 7 days a week don’t do enough. 

Etsy has TONS of options for self care gift boxes and when you shop on Etsy, you are also supporting another small business owner. So, it’s a win-win. <3 Choose one that makes most sense for your loved one or, one step better, make your own!

Price Expectation: $40 – $100

Wireless Earbuds

Apple Airpods Pro
Image By Apple

Another not-so-subtle hint to Santa. The new Apple Airpods Pro would change my life. I’m an Apple girl myself, but truthfully any earbuds with noise canceling silicon that stays inside your ear without falling out is where the money’s at. 

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 Pro is a great alternative to Apple’s.

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds2 Pro
Image By Samsung

Price Expectation: $150 – $250

Uber Eats Gift Card

Give your business owner the gift of FOOD and CONVENIENCE. 

I feel like that’s all that needs to be said here. 

Price Expectation: $50+ 

Coffee Mug Warmer

Coffee Mug Warmer By Kin
Image By KIN On Amazon

Does your business owner work from a desk all day? A coffee/tea mug warmer is a thoughtful way to pay attention to the little details in their life. I can’t tell you how many times a day I find myself getting up to nuke my cup of coffee in the microwave everyday. 

The coffee cup warmer is genius and I wonder why I haven’t seen these around until recently! Amazon has a lot of great options from sleek and modern designs to quirky matching mug and warmer sets. But after doing some research, the Kin is highly recommended. 

Price Expectation: $24 – $40 

Bed Desk

Laptop Desk for Bed, Adjustable Bed Desk.
Image By HETTHI Store on Amazon

Sometimes it’s nice to just leisurely answer emails from bed on a Sunday morning. I don’t know about you, but a height-adjustable bed desk would be an amazing thing to have at home from those days where you want an easy day to catch up and get a bit of work done on your “day off.”

The bed desk can easily transform into a portable “breakfast in bed” tray for those sick days too. I’d say this is a 10/10 gift idea for any friend, especially business owners.

Here is a great option available on Amazon.

Price Expectation: $50 – $80

Online Courses

In the small business world, personal development is huge. And nowadays with everyone producing educational content, there are endless options. 

Gifting an online course does require some knowledge of the season of business your loved one is in, but this gift goes beyond material things. It shows them that you see their hard work and support their efforts on self-growth. 

Trust me when I tell you that it is a rare quality for someone I have a relationship with to recognize and support the value I put into personal and professional development. Personally, I would be blown away by this gift which is why it is going to be the book end on this list today.

Price Expectation: $200 – $1000

Wrapping It Up

This is just a short list of some easy go-to gift ideas for the side hustlers, business owners, and entrepreneurs in your life. 

I have many more ideas up my sleeve if these don’t fit the bill and I am happy to shoot some more ideas your way if you email me at nicole@themugcreative.com.

I hope you enjoyed this list and if you have any other ideas, please drop them in the comments below for our readers! It takes a village and I love supporting our small business community with you. 

With Optimism & Coffee,

Founder & CEO

By: The Mug Creative

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