3 Ways to Repurpose Old Content

August 20, 2020

If you’ve had your finger on the pulse of marketing trends, you know that content creation is a huge player in the game of an inbound marketing strategy. Creating content doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply focus on providing value! 

We hope you’ve been taking the time to create content to share with your audience and draw traffic to your website. Maybe you’ve been at this whole content marketing thing for quite some time now and are starting to notice that your blog and shared visual content strategy has flopped and you’re seeing less traffic to your site or less engagement and connection with your target audience. 

If this sounds familiar, it may be time to repurpose old content and blogs so they serve a purpose again. After all, what’s the point in putting in all this time, money, and effort into a content marketing strategy that has gone flat?

Once you have a good base of content going, maybe you’ve been at it for a couple of years now, you can take inventory of what you’ve got and come up with creative ways to repurpose old content, update information, and reestablish interest in the information you put out to your target audience. 

Repurposing old content on your website can help you appeal to a larger audience, encourage your audience to share it on social media platforms, and increase your probability of showing up on search engine results. 

3 Proven Ways to Reuse Older Content

There are many ways you can repurpose old content. In this article, we will explain 3 of our favorite ways to reuse and “upcycle” older content to increase the overall performance of your content and inbound marketing efforts. 

1. Repurpose Old Blogs By Adding Video

If you’ve been at this content creation thing for a while now, chances are you have great content to repackage. Whether it be in the form of blogs, social media, infographics, or the like, taking the information and creating a video can be a great way to add a visual representation to the information and reach a different audience. 

We know video content can be intimidating, but we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be fancy! Simply grab a coworker and have a quick sit-down chat on camera detailing the topic at hand. 

By creating a video, you’ll give your audience a more dynamic experience. You can even cut the video into easily consumable mini clips to share via social media!

2. Add Useful Visual Graphics

Sensing a theme here?? Getting visual with your content can be a great way to revive past information. 

Taking a blog post or social media post to turn it into a visually pleasing graphic can be a great way to simplify information. Visual graphics are easy to follow and make a complex idea more straightforward. They cut out all of the distractions and get right to the nitty-gritty.

Additionally, incorporating visual graphics into your content strategy can be a wonderful opportunity to solidify your brand through colors, graphic styles, and fonts. Take the chance and have fun with it!

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3. Refresh Information In Blogs

We can’t forget about the tried and true, blog posts. While it can be amazing to break up your content with things like videos and graphics, blog posts continue to be a staple in any content marketing strategy. 

Look through past social media posts or maybe even email campaigns for ideas that you can repurpose at greater length in a blog post. Blogs are a great place to dive deeper into a topic that you may have previously brushed over. 

Ask yourself these questions when repurposing old content on your blog:

  1. How can I add more value to this article with refreshed and updated information? 
  2. Is any of the information outdated? What has changed since we originally wrote this article?
  3. Can I update any dates or years within this article to make it more relevant to today?
  4. Can I add more details, case studies, or anecdotes to make this article more dynamic?

We hope to have sparked some ideas for your strategies. Repurposing old content is a budget friendly way to reach new audiences, get more out of your time and marketing efforts, and never skip a beat when it comes to producing content on a consistent schedule. 

If you find that you’re still confused or feel as though you need additional assistance when it comes to content marketing, we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions!


By: The Mug Creative

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