5 Easy Tips for Getting More Website Leads

May 14, 2020

We’ve been talking a lot lately about why conversions are so important. Tracking your website conversion rates is a good practice to get into. Maybe your conversion rates have been a little stagnant lately and getting more website leads is your new priority as we enter the second half of 2020. What can you do to boost your numbers?

We’ve put together a quick list of 5 easy tips for getting more website leads!

Tip #1: Use Short Forms

Short forms are super common and you’ve likely seen them all over the internet whether you’ve realized it or not. Sometimes they show up in the form of a pop-up, other times they may be embedded into the website itself!

Short forms are a great way to streamline contact from the clients or customers to the company. They are generally set up to collect basic information such as name and email which you can use in your list building and remarketing efforts. 

How many times have you put your name and email address into a short form to join a webinar, download a cheat sheet, or reach out to a business? If you’re anything like us- too many times to count!

Short forms are a fantastic way to encourage users to take action on your site which can lead to getting more website leads and therefore more business for your business. 😉

Tip #2: Get Creative With Your Headlines

Many business owners are so caught up in using headlines to boost their SEO efforts, that they forget the main purpose for them in the first place. Website Headlines are supposed to capture the attention of your visitors. Make sure your keywords are considered when writing them, but beware of getting too caught up in keyword stuffing that you forget about user experience.

If you want to get more website leads through using creative headlines, make sure your message is clear and concise while giving your visitors all of the necessary information about your value proposition.

Don’t be scared to test out different headlines, you’re not a mind reader! 

Although something may make sense to you, it’s difficult to guess how something might read to an outside party who is not familiar with your business or offer. 

Use language that is true to you, you’ll avoid sounding spammy and it gives you an opportunity to show your personality!

Tip #3: Test Your Calls to Action (CTAs)

Testing always comes in handy with internet marketing, especially when talking about calls to action (CTAs). If you’ve been sitting on the same calls to action for a while and haven’t been getting the website leads you’ve been looking for, try testing out some new ones and track what works best with your audience.

While you can find a lot of specific tips on what makes a great CTA, every business is unique which means every business has a unique audience with a unique set of wants and needs. This is what makes testing such a powerful tool!

In general, you want your visitors to take some sort of action, so what is it? Call you, book a session, schedule an appointment, sign up for your newsletter, what is it? 

Once you decide what you’d like them to do, how can you get creative whilst trying to convince them to take action? 

Tip #4: Always Add Value

You can use all of the tips and tricks in the book. You can keep it simple, test things out, have a strong call to action, and everything in between, but if you forget about adding value you are likely missing out on conversions and getting website leads!

Make it clear to your visitors, what will they get out of taking the action you want them to make? What is in it for them? What do they get from filling out your short form? If you want to boost conversions, put a little more focus into the give than the take!

Tip #5: Be Original!

Arguably one of the most important tips of them all, be original! There is a lot of competition out there and one of the best ways to boost your conversions and get more website leads is NOT being like everyone else! Be different. Hone in on what it is that sets you apart. 

This tip may be the most difficult, but we truly believe it will be worth the effort. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all formula when it comes to getting more website leads and conversions. 

The best thing you can do to get more website leads is test out different tips and tricks to see what works and what doesn’t! Once you’ve figured out the magic, build on it!

We hope this helps! Happy converting!

Looking for help getting more website leads? You can book a free website discovery call with our founder, Nicole, to see how we can help you grow your business online.

5 Easy Tips for Getting More Website Leads By The Mug Creative Agency

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