Brand Continuity: How to really use branding

July 14, 2021

Right off the bat, you may be wondering – “What in the world is brand continuity?!”

Well, we will get there! Let us just paint you a picture first, when choosing between two options of which business to use: option A has an outdated website, no social media presence, and excellent products and services while option B has a new website, great service, and amazing reviews! 

You might think that this is a vanity game (we are a creative studio after all), “It doesn’t matter if my branding is dated, it’s the service that matters!” While this is partially true, and we do agree, great service is SO important. We also recognize that brand continuity can go a long way! Bear with us as we explain!

What is Brand Continuity?

In the example above, option A does not have brand continuity. By this, we mean that the excellent service they offer doesn’t come across in their branding! Option B was our example of a business with brand continuity. This is assuming that from start to finish, a customer’s experience at option B will be consistent as there is continuity from the promise through execution. 

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Branding Beyond Colors and Fonts

As creatives, it is no secret that we love good branding and really value aesthetics, however, we also understand that amazing branding means nothing without the base of a solid business plan and thorough research.

Brand continuity is built over time, taking branding into account while remaining thoughtful and calculated as the brand ages. We continue to stress the importance of consistency as far as branding is concerned, from imagery, colors, fonts, and the like. But it shouldn’t end there.

For a brand to stand the test of time, brand continuity is key. Companies like Apple, Tesla, and other widely known companies do brand continuity well. Rather than making abrupt changes to their branding, they make modifications smoothly and effortlessly and carry these changes throughout their company. 

The key is making sure that no matter how a client comes to your business or who they speak with, they’re going to get the same experience. While this process may begin with choosing colors and fonts, an all encompassing brand goes far beyond that.

Determine your Brand Identity

Brand identity is carried throughout your company. What are your values, what purpose does your company serve. What sets you apart from the competition? How will you articulate this throughout your business?

We have a process to help guide our clients through determining their brand identity. We use this to help them articulate their identity through the visual form of logos, icons, font choices, and website design. We find great significance in helping our clients achieve brand continuity within their website design. 

If you’re interested in speaking with us about how we can help you improve your brand continuity and brand identity, contact us! Feel free to ask us questions and learn more about how our process works!  

Brand Continuity How to really use branding by the mug creative agency

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