Defining Your Target Audience

August 11, 2021

Hey – Hi – Hello!! If you’re reading this, you are our target audience and we’re so glad you’re here! 

Are you feeling unsure about what a target audience really means? 

Simply put, a target audience is another term for your dream client

To define your target audience, it’s important to think in terms of what your dream client might need or be searching for from a business like yours. Meet them where they are and put yourself in their shoes. 

When you come to business from this perspective, it can bring a lot of clarity to everything that you do! So let’s dive in.

How to Determine Your Target Audience

When you think about your ideal client, you most likely think in more broad terms than something super specific. Based on the product or service that you offer, your ideal client should have a need for such a product or service, to begin with. 

However, if you decide that anyone and everyone interested in your services is your ideal client, you may run into issues when it comes to your advertising and marketing efforts. Being too general with your audience can backfire with dismal results. So how do you go about really honing in on your target audience? 

Here are a few of our favorite questions to ask:

Who is your target audience?

Right off the bat, you may be thinking, “Well duh, who are they?!” 

But there is a lot to unpack with this question! When defining your target audience we need to think about demographic factors such as:

  • Age Range
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Location

This information can give us a good base, to begin with. If you can solidify a general idea of who your audience is, then you can continue to brainstorm and explore. 

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How Can You Meet Them Where They Are?

Once you gain a better understanding of who your audience is, you’re better able to meet them with information that will be helpful and offer support that is useful. 

Based on your general idea of who your audience is, what can you bring to the table to offer them value? If you put yourself in their shoes, what are their difficulties? What are their goals?

Do the research necessary to truly understand where your audience is coming from in order to accurately resonate with them. From this perspective, you should be able to gain a better understanding of your client base and where they’re coming from. This will give you insight beyond marketing and advertising, but rather a solid foundation to form successful, lasting relationships. 

How Do I Utilize My Target Audience?

The whole goal of determining your target audience should be to save time, money, and effort in trying to recruit the wrong clients. 

Knowing your audience can help you to better hone in on the content of all kinds, whether it be for blogs, social media, or any other form of education or communication – coming to your audience with an understanding of where they’re coming from will give your entire relationship a strong foundation.

If you’re still confused about determining your target audience, let us know. We’d love to help.

defining your target audience by the mug creative agency

By: The Mug Creative

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