Do I Really Need a Logo?

June 16, 2021

When you’re starting up a small business or begin a side gig, you may begin to wonder about things that you’ve never had to think about before. 

How do I pick a business name? How do business taxes work? Where do I order business cards? Do I really need a logo? Is my logo the same thing as my brand? 

Not all businesses are alike so we don’t want to generalize here, but if you want to understand the underlying purposes of a logo and who really needs one – keep reading along!

What is a logo?

First, let’s establish what a logo really is. 

Essentially, a logo is a symbol or a marking of your company. This could be an icon or simply the business name displayed in a particular font. 

Logos can be intricate or they can be super simple. Logos are a great way to communicate with your clients and customers about who you are, what you represent, and so much more. Whether you decide against a logo or you go with a very intricate design with bold colors, your choice will say a lot about your business – whether intentional or not. 

Is my logo my brand?

Simple answer, no, your logo is not your brand. Your brand is everything that distinguishes your business from another. It’s what you do, it’s how you do it, it’s what you say and sometimes more importantly – what you don’t say. 

When we put together a branding package, we really take a deep dive into what you do, who you serve and how this should all be presented through colors, fonts, icons, and your logo

An example of this is, let’s say you run a business consulting company but you do things differently. You’re not the run of the mill, boring business guy or gal. You’re fun, outgoing and out of the box! 

You wouldn’t want your brand to represent a super serious, regular old boring company. 

While your logo is not your brand, it certainly does say a lot about your business and it is a major component of your brand.

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So, cut to the chase! Do I need a logo?

All in all, if you are running a business you will probably end up having a “logo” of some kind. Whether it’s just your business name in a particular font or something a little fancier, you will likely have something that will represent your business in a visual way. 

Ultimately, you will have a logo. The real question is, are you going to be intentional about it. 

Whether you opt for a DIY logo design or if you hire a professional to develop your entire brand package, you’ll want to do some brainstorming about your business. Hopefully, you’ll get a sense of who you’re serving and how you can cater to them even through a logo! 

It can be a tricky task, to determine what to do for your business logo. If you need some help creating the perfect brand or logo, reach out to us here at The Mug!

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