Getting Started with Customizing Our Showit Templates

March 9, 2022

Did you hear? We’re now selling Showit Website Templates

These templates are 100% customizable. By the time you’re done with them, we hope they are completely unique to your brand and don’t resemble the original template.

We figured it was only fitting that we take you through a quick overview of what you need to know to get started utilizing our Showit templates.

Each of our Showit templates have been handcrafted and designed with YOU in mind! We set out to offer a variety of options ranging from super simple to more unique! 

Are you ready for your crash course?! Let’s get to it!

Customize Fonts, Colors, and Branding

Each of our templates will come with a color scheme, font pairings, and the option to include a logo (or simply type in your business name if you don’t have a logo yet).  

If you don’t have brand guidelines for your business and you like the theme that comes with the template, by all means, keep the colors and fonts the same! If you want a more custom look that fits your brands, you can easily select free Google fonts directly from the Showit platform OR upload your own to use! This is all done easily through Showit’s “Design Settings” tab on the left dashboard menu in Showit’s website builder.

Customize The Imagery By Adding Your Own Assets

Change out the placeholder images in the template with your own photos!

You may have business-related images on Facebook or your phone. If you don’t have any business images, we definitely recommend booking a branding session with a local photographer! 

Whether you get headshots or a branded photo session, high-quality photos will really help to put a personal touch on your template. 

Stock photography is another great option for supplemental images! Here are some of our favorite websites to source free stock images. 

Replace The Website Copy With Your Own Unique Content

For your website copy, you can simply replace the filler text with your own. 

Seeing the design before you write your copy can help to give you a framework. Depending on the pages included in the template, you will be able to see what pages you’ll have and just how much information is needed! 

If you find yourself with writer’s block, there is always the option to work with a professional copywriter. 

Text boxes can be resized to fit more or less text as needed, designs may just need to be shifted to accommodate the changes. 

Edit the Blog Design

All of our template designs include a matching WordPress blog design! You’ll need to sign up for a Showit + Blog account in order to access the blog capabilities, but even if you start with their basic/no-blog subscription, your template will still include the blog design in case you decide to manage a blog down the road and upgrade your Showit subscription.

Your blog will be accessed through WordPress and each post will populate on the respective pages. 

If your template includes a blog option and you aren’t interested in utilizing it, you can easily remove visibility. We don’t recommend removing the blog pages altogether – you might want to use it in the future!

Showit is where you’r blog “theme” will be adjusted, so any changes to the look and feel of your blog pages will be done directly through Showit. Just like the other pages of your Showit website, you can move around and rearrange the look of the design easily with Showit’s drag and drop website builder. Editing and adding blog posts will be done directly through WordPress. 


Depending on which template you choose, there may be some extras included! Some templates include custom graphics or even templates to change graphic colors. 

All templates include detailed instructions on how to implement your design from start to finish. From purchasing your domain, signing up for your ShowIt account, and making the template your own. We’re so excited for you to get started! 
And most importantly, have FUN with it! If you need any help with your templates, just reach out! We’re happy to take the customizing off your hands.

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Getting Started with Customizing Our Showit Templates By The Mug Creative.

By: The Mug Creative

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