How Client Mirroring Can Help Your Business

December 8, 2020

We all wish to feel seen and understood, whether at our jobs, in our personal lives, or simply out in the world. This concept is especially true in business. Mirroring behavior has been proven to be an amazing tactic in the business world, used to build rapport and deeper connections. 

Mirroring simply means taking stock of another’s body language, tone of voice, word choices, facial expressions, or all of the above, and mirroring their behavior back to said individual. 

Now, this may sound like a mockery at first glance, however, mirroring should be done in a way that puts the other individual first. The goal of mirroring should be to put the other person at ease, not embarrass them! Think of it this way, if your client is very excited about an idea that you know might not be the best option for them, by all means, mirror their excitement! We want to keep them comfortable and they will know that their feelings are acknowledged and understood. You can respond with edits to their original ideas with the same excitement! This keeps up the positive momentum and diverts any awkwardness. 

Now that we’ve got the general idea down, let’s take a look at HOW you can mirror clients and why mirroring can benefit your business.

How to mirror a client:


Some people are heavy with hand gestures as they speak, others may be more reserved. If your client is sitting, it is a good idea that you sit as well. To match yourself to the clients’ physical presence will help them to feel comfortable and friendly with you. 

Talking Speed

Chances are, if you’re meeting with a client for any reason, as the meeting host you will likely be more nervous than the client. This could come out in the form of rapid speech, but it’s important to take stock of your client!

Speech Volume

Are you a loud mouth by nature? If you’re meeting with a client, it’s a good idea to calm it down. Or vice versa, if you’re typically a very quiet person but your client is louder, try your best to speak up! They may take it the wrong way if you’re too quiet. 

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Wording and Mood

Use similar or the same keywords as your client. If they’re speaking about obscure, industry-focused topics, by incorporating those keywords into your side of the conversation, you let the client know that you understand what they’re talking about. And as we mentioned above, the mood is another important factor of mirroring to set the client at ease. 

But why mirroring? 

Studies have found, and you may even notice with your own friends and family, that close groups of individuals begin to speak and act like one another! Their personalities blend together if they are very close and spend a lot of time with each other! By implementing some of these tactics into your business conversations, you’ll be able to build closer relationships with your clients!

Bonus Tip!!

Consider utilizing mirroring through variations of marketing tactics. Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer, mirror their needs within online ads, blog topics, or explanatory videos! Taking the customers perspective can give you an edge up, simply by acknowledging and understanding what they need from you. 

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