How to Combine Website Design with Content Planning

June 9, 2021

It should come as no surprise that we, here at The Mug, love design and truly value aesthetics. Color palettes, font pairings, logos and imagery – we enjoy creating our websites with a strong emphasis on design. 

However, there is an important balancing act that must be noted. A beautiful website without the accompanying content and copy, is nothing more than a pretty website. While we do love a good design, at the end of the day we want your business to have so much more than a pretty face! 

So how do we merge the two worlds of beauty and brains? Read on:

Content and Copy

One of the very first steps in our process at The Mug is to solidify copy throughout the website. The reason that this is such an important step is because it gives us a framework to design around. If we can get a good overview of your key differences, main offerings, and calls to action, we can design with these ideas in mind.

If this pairing is done backwards, the website first and then content, the two won’t work together in any way. Rather, the content and the design will sit separate from each other, like every other ordinary website. And the last thing we want is ordinary!

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Designing the Content

Essentially, when done according to our ideal content-first timeline, we not only design around the framework that the content gives us. In order to make each and every one of our website designs unique, we like to get creative. 

Questions we always ask ourselves throughout the design process is, how can I communicate the message of this business throughout the design – not just in the copy? 

We like to reiterate certain themes, ideas, or values that a client has within the website design itself. 

Where Content and Design Unite

With the combination of informative, storytelling content and a design that brings it to life, the website is sure to be a success.. Right? 

Well, in this day and age, competition is fierce and businesses of all sizes from all over the world are competinging against one another for our attention. Combining website design with content planning doesn’t end once the website has launched. 

This idea of creating a cohesive brand presence through design and information should be continued for maximum benefit. Through SEO and content creation, you can bring this concept full circle. With the right planning and strategy, you can be sure your business stands out amongst the competition.

So not only do I have to write out my offerings and about my business, I have to think about how all of this will translate into a website and future content and messaging? All of this may sound overwhelming, where do you even begin? 

Contact us if you have any questions! We’d love to chat about how we can work together to create a plan to get your business back on track. Or if you have a new business, starting from the ground up!

How to Combine Website Design with Content Planning By The Mug Creative agency

By: The Mug Creative

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