How To Keep Your Website Up To Date

November 3, 2021

Everything with technology seems to evolve so quickly. In the blink of an eye, the devices, platforms, and techniques you’ve been using will eventually become obsolete. 

Computers, iPads, and cell phones all continue to improve each year – along with other technologies like cameras and now even smartwatches. Our culture nowadays seeks constant improvement. We are always looking to one-up ourselves or our competition. Not to mention the new models tech companies release each year, but even our cell phones require software and system updates regularly to function at their best.

Now all of that being said, it should be no surprise to you that as technology adapts and improves, your website will become outdated eventually as well. 

There are many factors that can contribute to an outdated website. The good news is that there are simple ways you can keep your website up to date, fresh, and ready to convert!

Write Fresh Content

Outdated (AKA old) content is a surefire way to date your website. Mention of individuals that are no longer associated with your business or offerings from the past will likely confuse visitors.

Not to mention that keeping old content on your site will attract inquiries for services you might not even offer anymore, but it just looks unprofessional and un-maintained.  

It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway): It’s important to have updated information on your website! 

This will help paint an accurate picture of your business to visitors as well as help your SEO and rankings. If you let the cobwebs build, even if the content on your website is still relevant, you aren’t doing any favors when it comes to your search engine presence. Just as much as we do, Google and other search engines like to see that your website is being maintained and updated regularly. That goes for both the website copy as well as the pictures, graphics, and videos.  

Make Your Website Picture Perfect

That brings us to our next tip on keeping your website up to date. 

Along the same vein, old photos can also seriously date your website. SERIOUSLY. Camera quality has drastically improved over the years, now we all basically have DSLRs in our pockets (*cough* your cell phone *cough*)! 

Not only are updated photos important, but it’s also crucial that you are updating your website with high-quality images. None of that dim-light, 72 PPI stuff some of you like to resort to. 

Bonus points if you have current branded photography! 

If you want your website to convert, it’s important that a visitor will see the faces behind your business, so don’t shy away from bringing that beautiful smile out into the spotlight!

When you use headshots of pictures of yourself on your website,  just make sure the pictures are fairly recent and not from decades past. Branded photography can really give a website a welcoming, updated feel! If you don’t want to invest in professional photography, at least make sure the images are clear, current, and framed well.

Give It a Makeover… Or a Full Facelift!

It’s almost 2022 and PSA: We can do more with website design than ever before. 

Most contemporary websites include movement, high-quality images, and content standards that seek to inform the viewer. 

If you have a static or flat website, it’s time for some TLC. Because friend, if it looks dated to you we can promise you that it looks dated to your audience.

Design is a tricky way to judge whether a site appears current or not. The intention is really the deciding factor, some sites may be static or minimal on purpose to convey a certain idea. Truthfully, content, imagery, and design all play on one another to give an updated and contemporary feel or a drab and dated vibe. Responsive design is another important detail to consider as new devices and trends gain popularity.

The key factor in keeping your website updated begins with awareness. It’s important to check your website every so often for issues with plugins, outdated images or content, and dull design. You’ll never know if you just set it and forget it. 

We believe a website should be a living space for your business to exist online. As standards improve, you’ll want to keep a finger on the pulse of your website. We’re not saying that you need to redesign your website frequently, but there are small changes that can make a big difference. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our website design and maintenance packages, please reach out! 

How To Keep Your Website Up To Date By The Mug Creative

By: The Mug Creative

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