Hiring & “The Great Resignation”

August 31, 2021

We’re switching things up today and want to touch on a world news topic that we’re all very familiar with. Have you heard the recent headlines deeming 2021 the era of “The Great Resignation?” 

The Great Resignation: Are You Doing Work You Love?

If you haven’t, a quick Google search will flood your screen with articles like this one. To cut to the chase, The Great Resignation is a new term being used to describe the workplace shift that we’re in right now.  After more than a year of economic and employment uncertainty, people are now leaving their day jobs and opting to seek fulfillment elsewhere. 

It’s scary to see the economy and workforce change so drastically from the way that it used to be. But in typical The Mug fashion, we’re optimistic to see how society will change and adapt. 

The Future of Work 

As a branding and web design studio, we work with and help a lot of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and new business owners create the brands they have always dreamt of.

The notion that go-getters just like our clients are realizing their worth and making moves to seek work that leaves them more fulfilled is truly inspiring. 

Not only are people pursuing more meaningful work, generally, they’re also redefining what work should look like. The 9-5 office job with a burdensome commute is less and less appealing after working from home during the pandemic.

Now what does this mean for business owners?

Experts say that The Great Resignation symbolizes a cultural shift as to what companies and organizations should prioritize when it comes to trying to hire employees. 

Hiring After The Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way businesses are hiring employees and these trends might not be going away anytime soon.

If you’re looking to bring on more staff, it’s important to consider the top concerns of working professionals. A recent study by Forbes analyzed the labor shortage in the US and concluded on the top 2 contributing factors:

  1. People are worried about getting sick. 
  2. Workers with children may still be needed at home as schools and childcare facilities are just now slowly opening back up. 

These concerns, along with others, are making it increasingly difficult for employers to find long-term (or even short-term) employees ready to work. 

Hiring Tips for 2021-2022 After The Pandemic

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do to combat the hiring struggle is to ask yourself if you have solutions in place to address your employee’s top concerns and needs. Consider remote work days, back-to-work incentives, increased wages, and more flexibility and trust. 

The Greatest Growing Priority for Workers During The Great Resignation

These hiring challenges Along with flexibility, autonomy, and overall company culture, working professionals today are looking for work that they enjoy doing! 

Our culture is pivoting to put mental, emotional and physical health as a top priority. This is key to consider as individuals are leaving the workforce in droves. A healthy company culture with realistic boundaries is something employees are looking for. 

Entrepreneurship and Freelancing

As individuals make the shift from employee to self-employed, there is the large possibility that they will pursue entrepreneurship or freelancing.

Let’s be honest, we all see the appeal. Taking ownership of your time, money and skills is super freeing! 

Over the past year and a half, tons of free content (like blogs or YouTube vlogs, for instance) has been created by experts in all kinds of fields. From accounting to cooking, there’s a multitude of ways to learn new skills and try new things these days. 

We’ve found that when someone has the drive and determination to start their own business, success is inevitable! However, there are some words of wisdom we can share:

Tips For Entrepreneurs & New Business Owners

  • Seek out free information and training from experts (it’s probably out there!)
  • Spend some time really thinking through your business plan from start to finish (This means, strategize and actually put a business plan together. Don’t jump in head first.)
  • Start small but prepare for delegation or hiring out
  • Consider how you’ll be found or reach clients and customers 
  • Set up your infrastructure! (Website, Social Media, Marketing, CRM)

How to Set Yourself Apart

It may come as no surprise that every good business starts with a good business plan, but it’s true! The same goes for your branding. 

With a solid foundation, the next step is to consider how to set yourself apart from the competition. Even if you’re starting small, it’s always a good idea to do things right from the start. Following a stellar business plan, excellent branding and establishing a presence online is crucial to stand out from the crowd. 

Whether you’re making the switch from traditional work to self-employment and you’re curious about making a statement with your brand and website, or you are a business owner looking to add more curb appeal for your audience (employee prospects included) – look no further! We’ve got ya covered!

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