What Is The Purpose of A Website?

September 8, 2021

When you start a small business or begin the transition to bring your business online, it may be unclear why it is, exactly, that you need a website. 

Maybe you’ve heard that you need one for SEO purposes – but then, what in the world is SEO?? And why do I need it? Does social media suffice as a website? 

We totally understand that the whole website, marketing, branding, and social media thing can be really confusing if you’re a beginner. Hopefully, we can help shed some light on the subject!

Building Credibility

The running narrative since the creation of the internet has been that it is difficult to trust people online. Even in 2021, this is still a major concern. When we’re looking for a new business, we may still use word of mouth. Although nowadays, when doing research on a new business, we may consult their website, their social media, and any other online footprint that the business may have. 

Testimonials, brand continuity, and an up-to-date digital footprint all contribute to creating a trustworthy business.  

Generating Leads

You may have heard the phrases lead capture and websites in the same conversation. Some business owners are more concerned with generating leads than others. A website can certainly help with generating leads. 

We believe that it should be part of every business’ goal to generate leads with their website. Through brand strategy and content planning, together we can execute a website that will help generate and secure potential business. 


To increase sales through your website, everything works together to orchestrate the best experience possible. From branding to SEO to website copy and social media, there are a lot of factors that come into play. Whether you have a service business or an E-commerce business, a website can help with sales. The key to success when it comes to generating and converting leads is a course of action. 

Without a plan, leading potential customers through your website to make a purchase or book service can be tricky. 

Other Considerations

What about data tracking?

Software like Google Analytics can give you an excellent overview of your client’s or customers’ goals while they are pursuing your website. You can come to understand what pages are most useful and what information is most popular or vice versa. This may even give you direction on where you can take your business overall, giving you insights beyond what is available without a website!

Are you an E-Commerce business?

Let’s just get this one out of the way. If you’re planning to sell online, this will be the main focus of your website! Apps like Facebook and Instagram have included capabilities to sell on their apps. E-Commerce is a whole different ballgame that is a slightly different process than a typical website. 

If you’re searching for an expert to help you get your business online, look no further! We love to work with small businesses to create a unique experience for their customers online.


By: The Mug Creative

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