How To Cultivate and Grow Your Brand

February 2, 2021

Recently, the term “brand” or “branding” seems to be a bit of a buzzword. We want to take a deep dive and really help you understand what “branding” is and what it really means to represent your brand through business practices. 

What is a brand?

What comes to mind when you think of business branding? 

If you said, “logo and colors,” you’re not alone. Most people think that a logo, colors, fonts and the like make up a brand, however, this is not the case. While these components are certainly included in what makes up a brand, it doesn’t end there. 

Aside from the visual aspects of a brand, there is so much more to unpack! Simply put, any and all types of businesses have a brand whether they know it or not. Branding does exist without putting any effort into it, although we can’t guarantee that the results will be desirable.

Essentially, branding is whatever comes to mind when a client or customer thinks about your business. What are they telling others about your business? 

Beyond the Logo

When you think of iconic brands, Apple for example, of course you do think of the logo but you also think of quality and innovation. This brand reputation has been built through years of strategic business choices, it wasn’t created by chance. 

In this example, the logo certainly does have a major role within the brand but it goes far beyond that.  

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How to cultivate a brand

Like we said, if you have business, your business already has a brand of some sort. Do a little introspection and ask yourself some questions. Who are you serving? What sets you apart? Why do clients come to you? 

This should give you a bit of direction and understanding of where you are and where you’d like to go.

The most important thing to remember about your brand is that you want to stay true to yourself. You don’t want to be giving people the wrong impression and totally throw them off when they work with you in person. 

Ways to work on your branding

While logo, colors, and fonts are not the end all, be all to a successful brand, they are a great place to start and an important piece to dedicate time to.

More than anything, it is crucial to keep things consistent in your brand. Your brand conveys messages to your clients and you don’t want to offer confusing ideas. If you’re showing up on social but have a drab website, your audience won’t really know what to think.

We know it can be difficult to make the effort to create cohesive branding but it really does make a big difference. By putting in the work, you show your clients that you take yourself and your business seriously. A well-thought out brand will stand out among other businesses. 

When it comes to a brand overhaul or rebrand, we know what it takes to stand out and show up for your clients. If you have questions regarding your brand, please reach out to us. We’d love to work with you!


By: The Mug Creative

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