Using CallRail To Track Conversions

December 2, 2020

In today’s market when people are staying home more than ever before, we’ve found that an intentional online presence is a major key to success. More and more businesses are finding new ways to market their offerings.

If you’ve ever run an ad with a clear CTA to call your business, you may have found difficulty understanding whether you received results as expected. It can get especially tricky if you’re running multiple ads at a time! 

We’ve found that by integrating your Google Ads account to software called CallRail, you can gain better insight into what’s working!

Integrating Google Ads and CallRail

So what does it take to track this information? 

Hopefully, your Google Ads campaigns are set to link to a landing page or website. If not, you’ll want to ensure that each ad will take the visitor to a specific page that corresponds to your desired outcome. If you want the visitor to schedule a consultation, you’ll want to direct them to a landing page or website that has been crafted specifically for the intention of scheduling consultations.  

Within this landing page or website, you will simply install the JavaScript for CallRail integration. Once complete, you’ll need to authorize access to CallRail from your Google Ads account. 

There are a lot of additional options available within CallRail/Google Ads integration. You can choose to track all calls, only first time callers, repeat callers, and so on. You’ll want to really hone in on what information you’d like to collect. 

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Tracking Conversions

When we take the time to create and distribute ads for our businesses, we want to make sure that our time and effort is paying off. Having the ability to measure your results is very important to understanding your ROI. 

Once you’ve integrated CallRail and Google Ads, you’ll have access to metrics like who calls you and for how long. You’ll know whether a call came from a Google Ad or not. If the call was from one of your Google Ads, you’ll know what keywords are working well and CallRail can even record conversations that make follow ups a breeze! 

By having access to this information, you can tailor your services or offerings to meet market demands. 

CallRail Technology

CallRail not only has the ability to record phone conversations, but they also have technology that monitors conversations to indicate whether the call was a strong lead or even converted into a sale! The Conversation Intelligence feature within CallRail can give a bigger picture as to why that specific call converted and how you might be able to replicate it. 

Gaining a better understanding as to what keywords, landing pages, and Google Ad campaigns work best for your conversions and desired result will continue to be a key to running a successful business as our world increases its time online. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this transition and you would like to discuss how you can get more business online, give us a call!


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