Whether you’re creating a website from scratch or if you are looking to redesign an old website, we put together a list of tasks that will take you through the process!

March 22, 2023


Another year has come and almost gone and you’re sitting here trying to figure out what the heck to get the people you love most for Christmas this year.  While I may not know your loved ones personally, I do know a thing or two about small business owners and entrepreneurs, being one myself and […]

November 14, 2022


branding vs marketing by the mug creative agency

When it comes to branding and marketing, the waters can become muddy in determining the differences, similarities, and relationships between the two. Have no fear! We’re here to clear some of that up for you!  We’ve even heard people use branding as simply a synonym for marketing and vice versa. The confusion only becomes a […]

June 29, 2022


Top 10 Free Simple Google Fonts to Land More Website Conversions by the mug creative

Now let’s get real here, how many blogs are there online that rave about modern Google fonts like Roboto, Montserrat, or Lato? (I’ll give you a hint: It’s too many!!!) Don’t get me wrong, of course, we love these fonts! They’re simple, classic, and perfect for a modern brand. But why don’t we think a […]

May 26, 2022



Now, now – we know you’re eager to find out if it’s time for you to refresh your business’ brand.  But before we jump right into the topic at hand, it’s important to us that we explain a bit about the impact branding can have on your business. Things like payroll, account management, sales, and […]

May 11, 2022


Tell us a little about yourself (where you’re from, college, etc). I’m a born and raised Florida girl, which probably explains a lot of things about me and our branding here at The Mug. I graduated from The University of Florida in 2014 with a bachelor’s in Communications and Leadership Development. As much as I […]

April 21, 2022


Meet the Designer Lea Dahms By The Mug Creative Agency

It’s week two of our Meet The Designer series and today we want to shine the light on Lea! 

April 6, 2022


Meet The Designer: Meghan Bartlett

Our team and the dedication of our designers are what make branding and website projects with The Mug Creative such an intimate and fun experience.

March 24, 2022


Getting Started with Customizing Our Showit Templates By The Mug Creative.

Did you hear? We’re now selling Showit Website Templates!  These templates are 100% customizable. By the time you’re done with them, we hope they are completely unique to your brand and don’t resemble the original template. We figured it was only fitting that we take you through a quick overview of what you need to […]

March 9, 2022


Congratulations on purchasing your website template and taking the next step to level up your business! If you’re planning to customize your new website template on your own, this step by step guide is a great place to start! What You Can Customize in Showit The true question is- what can’t you customize?! The customization […]

March 7, 2022


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