What Differentiates a Business From a Brand By The Mug Creative

As digital baristas who live and breathe branding, pondering the difference between a business and a brand feels the same as comparing a triple-shot Americano and glass of water!  Both are a necessity, however, they’re very different. To put it this way, the Americano cannot exist without the water. In the same way, your brand […]

February 17, 2022


How to Give Your Professional Website Character By The Mug Creative

When it comes to creating your presence online, it can be tricky to toe the line between professional while also having fun and expressing your individuality! 

February 2, 2022


How to Give Great Design Feedback to Designers By The Mug Creative

If you’ve ever been in the position to offer design feedback to a graphic or web designer, you know that giving great design feedback is a delicate, yet crucial part of any collaborative design process. 

January 26, 2022


3 Strategies Your Business Needs Business, Brand, & Marketing By The Mug Creative

In order to fully grasp your website needs, we’ve come to realize that a business should have three strategies: one for business, one for branding, and one for marketing. 

January 19, 2022


The Importance of Copywriting When It Comes To Your Website By The Mug Creative

When it comes to our design process, copywriting comes first! If you’re not familiar with the term, copywriting basically refers to the wording on a website.

January 12, 2022


5 Simple Tips To Improve Your Instagram Feed (For Free) By The Mug Creative

Hello 2022!! A new year can feel like a fresh start for a lot of us and with that comes a lot of goal setting.  Or if you’re like us, whether you’re into resolutions or not, setting new goals is always fun! But setting the goal is only half the battle, next comes taking action! […]

January 5, 2022


4 Healthy Habits for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs in 2022 By The Mug Creative

What better way to begin the close of 2021 than a quick blog post about our favorite healthy habits for business owners and entrepreneurs! We hope these tips can help you finish this year out strong and begin the next on the right foot.

December 22, 2021


3 Reasons You Need Professional Brand Photography for Your Business By The Mug Creative.

If your goal in business is to set yourself apart from the competition and create a truly dynamic experience for your customers from start to finish, brand photography could be just the “oomph” you need!

December 15, 2021


Getting Started With Blogging on Showit A Beginner's Guide By The Mug Creative

Whether you’re looking to start blogging for the fun of it or as a way to provide value from a business perspective, blogs still hold great power online!

December 7, 2021


How To Choose the Best Ecommerce Website Platform By The Mug Creative

Today, we are going to take a closer look at the three ecommerce options we find to be some of the best for small businesses: WordPress, Shopify, and ShowIt.

November 24, 2021


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