How to Give Your Professional Website Character

February 2, 2022

When it comes to creating your presence online, it can be tricky to toe the line between professional while also having fun and expressing your individuality! 

At The Mug, we work with business owners and entrepreneurs everyday to understand how they can best present themselves online. There are many directions one can take when it comes to creating a website. From custom development to plug-and-play templates, the options are endless! 

However, no matter which direction you choose to go, there are several elements that can help your business to stand out to give your website character. 

Unique & Attention-Grabbing Copywriting

We have gone into great detail surrounding the importance of quality copywriting for a website. Beyond the impact it has on SEO, your website copy is the perfect opportunity to give your site a little extra character. 

How you present your business, your services, and yourself can really say a lot about what it’s like to interact with your business. Written website content gives you the space, not only to tell your story but to also bring your personality to life a bit. Through tone of voice and word choice, you can bring a lot of character to your website through the written word. 

If you’re not super confident in your writing skills, we encourage you to consider working with a copywriter! Just because you don’t consider yourself a wordsmith doesn’t mean you still can’t have a bit of fun with your website copy. 

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Original Brand Photography

Another way to create connections online and cultivate character on your website is to include professional brand photography! Including images of yourself and your employees doing what you do everyday (while showcasing your personality) gives visitors more insight into what sets you apart from the competition. 

With imagery, there are a lot of opportunities to get creative and really express yourself through visual elements. In one of our past articles (linked above), we go into detail about the benefits of brand photography. 

Not only does original brand photography give a website character, but unique imagery has also been shown to increase engagement and conversions in web traffic. 

If you don’t have the budget for a branded photoshoot, maybe consider simply using images you or your employees have taken paired with a few stock images! Your audience will enjoy seeing familiar faces! 

Consistent Branding

When professionalism is a goal, things can often get taken in a minimalist direction. Think plain colors, simple shapes, and overall ordinary design. We do think there is a time and place for such things, but if your goal is to bring character to your website, branding is definitely the key that will make you stand out!

Branding goes beyond a logo to include fonts, colors, tone of voice, messaging, brand elements, and more. And a successful brand doesn’t just happen. There is a lot of planning and strategy that goes into creating a brand that will be unique to you, your business, and your ideal demographic! 
If you’re interested in learning more about adding a unique flair to your professional website, complete our discovery form for a free site audit.

How to Give Your Professional Website Character By The Mug Creative

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