What to do with website content?

July 21, 2021

There can be a lot to know about your business and the services you offer. Think about it! If you were to share all of the knowledge you have about your business, you could probably go on for days! When putting together content for your website, you may wish to include all sorts of information. But what kind of content is truly beneficial to your visitors? 

Depending on your website goals, the content that you include may be different from any other business. You may opt for landing pages over a blog, or a simple 5 page, clean cut website. 

The most important thing to remember is that website content should be well thought out and curated for your specific goals. 

Let’s take a look at the different options!

Standard Website Content

For a standard service based business’ website, it is likely that the following information might be included: 

  • About (Background information regarding the company, the team, the origin story)
  • Services/Offerings (What does the company do? Explain the process/details)
  • Rates/Pricing (This may not be included on every website, but it is common)
  • Contact Information (Basic email, phone number, and location if applicable)

The above information is fairly basic and can certainly be elaborated on and modified depending on each business. However, it does give us a rough framework of what should be included. Any excess information that falls outside these guidelines may have better use!

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Landing Pages

In addition to the content above, some businesses may find that they’d like to focus on additional topics for SEO purposes and lead generation. 

Content on a landing page will, generally, be more specific than that of standard website content. For example, you may select a specific service that you offer to dive a little deeper into and tailor the content to a specific goal (sales, lead generation, or similar). 

Landing pages are connected to your main website, however, they don’t show up in the main navigation to not confuse typical web visitors. 

Bloggable Content

There may be more specific topics that you get asked questions about or that you’d like to explain to your audience further. This can be great content to include in a blog – if you opt to have one. 

Blog-related content is the perfect opportunity to geek out with your audience. If you delve deep into a frequently asked question, you can refer future inquiries to that specific blog post. Blogs are not only an excellent way to share information, but blogs also help with SEO. Creating helpful, shareable content is a great option for those businesses with a lot of content to share! 

Again, each business will be unique! Some require more explanation and information than others. The important thing to remember is that website content should be curated and intentional for your website goals. The more clear you get with your content, the better results you will be able to experience. 

If you have questions regarding your website content and all of the possibilities that come with it, please reach out! We would love to help guide you through the process!

What to do with website content by the mug creative

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