Meet The Designer: Meghan Bartlett

Our team and the dedication of our designers are what make branding and website projects with The Mug Creative such an intimate and fun experience.

March 24, 2022


Will Website Design Be Automated in the Future By The Mug Creative Agency

It’s 2021, shouldn’t we have flying cars and hoverboards? Shouldn’t robots be taking over the world by now? (Kidding!!)

April 13, 2021


Why Choose Us for Website Design By The Mug Creative Agency

We get it, between site builders and the abundance of options when it comes to website designers, finding the right fit for you can be tricky!

April 7, 2021


We get it, design can be classified as superficial. But wouldn’t we all be lying if we said we were never influenced by presentation?

March 9, 2021


Four 2021 Technology Trends To Know & Master By The Mug Creative Agency

It’s super important to keep up with the trends and make sure our website is up to date with the latest and greatest tools and tactics.

February 23, 2021


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